Lapis Lazuli Schools

Lapis Lazuli Schools and PopUp38

Lapis Lazuli Schools is a not for profit charity that offers boys and girls in Afghanistan a broad education in a stable environment. Founded in 2008, Lapis Lazuli Schools marks the culmination of Dr. Howard Harper’s 40-year career serving the people of Afghanistan. 

Dr. Harper, an Ophthalmologist, was a man of vision and courage who had a great love for the people of Afghanistan. He felt privileged to be given the opportunity to serve in Afghanistan for nearly forty years with his wife Monika. Together they established the first eye work in Kabul – The Noor Eye Hospital. He wrote textbooks and trained local doctors, he led many eye camps in remote parts of Afghanistan. They particularly had a heart for the displaced Hazara population that had settled in Kabul from the Bamiyan Valley.

Haji Nabi, a local Hazara elder of the new city Hope Green Township, offered Dr. Harper a piece of land to build a school for his community in 2008.

In 2011 Dr. Harper was honoured to receive the Supreme KEA Award by the New Zealand Government for his services to Humanity and this meant that due to pledges he was able to start the building of the school. Unfortunately, Dr. Harper died in 2011 before the building of the school was completed, however his wife and daughter took on the charity and still run it today.

Lapis Lazuli Schools aim to instil the compassion, confidence and integrity Afghanistan’s children need to help build a stable and prosperous future for the country. Boys and girls from across Afghanistan’s diverse ethnicities are given access to an equal education. Pop Up 38 is a charity boutique in London that generates a sizeable proportion of Lapis’ revenue and is essential for Lapis Lazuli School’s operation.

The school was constructed in 2011 and opened in 2012. Funding for the school is generated from Pop Up 38 in London, and from generous charity donations. If you would like to support us, please visit our Support Us page. To visit Pop Up 38’s Instagram Page, click here. To visit Lapis Lazuli School’s Facebook page, click here.